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Extreme over saturation & social guideline’s stop a lot of people from connecting to new DJs.

Everyone is a DJ but most haven’t a clue on what a DJ really is. We built to expand the culture using the talent & works of our DJ crew to power a new standard. To create a beacon for all those that still believe in our art and want to see it evolve respectfully. Now as The Senate Djs continue to grow we would like to introduce a new network powered by DJs only. A place where you can Rep your state and put your face and town on the map. We created a league of representatives to begin the impossible & organize the DJ. Again over saturation on Twitter, facebook, soundcloud, mixcloud & other social networks makes it hard for the real DJs to stand out. Social networks created for mass volume with unlimited options make it hard to connect as the working DJs try to share their talents with the world.